Manufacturer and Fabricator of : FRP, PP/FRP, PPH/FRP, PVC/FRP, CPVC/FRP, PVDF/FRP, Process plant Equipments Like Tanks, Reactors, Agitators/Stirrer, Vessels, Vacuum & Pressure Receiver, Vacuum nutsches, Pipes, Fittings, Scrubbers, Blowers, Ductings, Hoods, Dampers, Stacks, Anti Corrosive Lining and all type of Industrial Fabrication works in Thermo, Fluoro & Thermoset Plastics.
RACE™ [RANGOLI] is a fully equipped and established company undertaking the jobs for manufacturing of various Fiber Reinforced Plastics equipment using modern manufacturing process under the control of qualified engineers and technicians.

GRACE™ undertakes the manufacturing at their well laid works or at the job site as per the requirements. One of the activities of GRACE™ [RANGOLI] is to provide anticorrosive Coating using the materials like Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP), Fiber Reinforced Bisphenol (FRB), Fiber Reinforced Vinyl Ester (FRV) and Fiber Reinforced Superior Vinyl Ester (FRSV).

These Coating are particularly used to protect the metallic vessels against corrosion due to acidic or alkaline reactions in the chemical storage tanks, rotating equipment, reaction vessels, filters, ducts and scrubbers. It can be applied to existing and new equipment. The total engineering support is to be provided to the customer for the selection of material for the Coating.

It has many advantages over other lining methods like rubber lining. Some of the advantages are :

Much stronger bond to metal.
Longer service life.
Seams can be avoided and thereby safer protection afforded.
Coating with F.R.P. can be done at room temperature unlike rubber lining which require   vulcanizing.
Easily create on site.
Very little maintenance and ease of repair.

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