Manufacturer and Fabricator of : FRP, PP/FRP, PPH/FRP, PVC/FRP, CPVC/FRP, PVDF/FRP, Process plant Equipments Like Tanks, Reactors, Agitators/Stirrer, Vessels, Vacuum & Pressure Receiver, Vacuum nutsches, Pipes, Fittings, Scrubbers, Blowers, Ductings, Hoods, Dampers, Stacks, Anti Corrosive Lining and all type of Industrial Fabrication works in Thermo, Fluoro & Thermoset Plastics.
RACE™ [RANGOLI] FRP & dual laminates piping are available in wide range of pipe sizes, different pressure ratings & fittings such as bend, elbows, tees, stub ends, flanges, blinds, reducers, end caps, etc. Which are designed to provide a wide range of Tensile, Flexural and Impact strength properties.

FRP and dual laminates pipe is often the material of choice for corrosive process systems. The factor included in this are:-

An ability to be tailored for a wide variety of corrosion resistant conditions 
 Light weight (less than 20% of steel, 10% of concrete)
Excellent strength to weight (stronger than steel on an equal weight basis)
Low coefficient of friction (>25% better than steel)
Good dimensional stability
Low thermal conductivity (saving insulation costs)
Low long-term maintenance costs.

The total cost of the system includes all the above-mentioned variables. The cost of saving for the FRP. and dual laminates pipe VS the steel has even greater cost saving over alternative alloy constructions.

All these piping & fittings can be manufactured and Fabrication in FRP (FRB, FRV, FRSV) and Dual laminate like PP/FRP, PPH/FRP, PVC/FRP, CPVC/FRP & PVDF/FRP. Depending on reacting chemicals & temperature conditions.

Our concerns for the long term performance of your pipe system means that our specially trained customer oriented experts and technicians are able to advise on any aspect of site installation.  Our specialist go to your site to carry out all functions relating to facility and component assembly, set-up, testing, putting into operation and more.

Potable Water & Raw Water
Effluent & Sewerage Water Supply
Desalination Plants
Offshore Oil Production
Chemical & Fertiliser Plants
Refinery, Petrochemical & Petroleum Plant
Power Plant
Pharmaceuticals & Formulation Plants
Pickling, Metal Finishing & Metallurgy
Dyes & Intermediates
Paper, Pulp & Printing Plants
Textile & Synthetic Fibre Plants
Food Stuff Industries
Biotech & Biological Parks

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