Manufacturer and Fabricator of : FRP, PP/FRP, PPH/FRP, PVC/FRP, CPVC/FRP, PVDF/FRP, Process plant Equipments Like Tanks, Reactors, Agitators/Stirrer, Vessels, Vacuum & Pressure Receiver, Vacuum nutsches, Pipes, Fittings, Scrubbers, Blowers, Ductings, Hoods, Dampers, Stacks, Anti Corrosive Lining and all type of Industrial Fabrication works in Thermo, Fluoro & Thermoset Plastics.
FRP Reaction Vessels  [Reactors]

GRACE ™ [Mfg by: - RANGOLI] Offers Vertical Cylindrical , Decent , Conical and Flat Top, Bottom type of Reaction Vessels [Reactors] and Mixing Vessels. more>>>

Stirrer / Agitators

GRACE ™ [Mfg by: - RANGOLI] is a leader in the field of design, manufacture, testing and supply of various types of Agitators for mixing of liquid-liquid, liquid-solid and liquid-gas. more>>>
FRP Storage Tanks

GRACE ™ [Mfg by: - RANGOLI] has always offered high quality corrosion resistant Storage tanks for the process plants industries. more>>>
FRP Pressure / vacuum vessels

GRACE ™ [Mfg by: - RANGOLI] Pressure / Vacuum vessels for any highest pressure and full vacuum are manufactured by us in FRP & dual laminates of construction. more>>>
FRP Vacuum filter nutsches

GRACE ™ [Mfg by: - RANGOLI] Pressure / Vacuum vessels for any highest pressure and full vacuum are manufactured by us in FRP & dual laminates of construction. more>>>
Pickling Tanks

GRACE™ [Mfg by: - RANGOLI]
offers Pickling Tanks for steel industries for pickling process of M.S. and Stainless Steel wires, pipes, tubes, strips, angles, channels, rails, coils, and other steel items. more>>>

GRACE™ [Mfg by:- RANGOLI] FRP & dual laminates piping are available in wide range of pipe sizes, different pressure ratings & fittings such as bend, elbows, tees, stub ends, flanges, blinds, reducers, end caps, etc. more>>>
FRP Scrubbers

In these days of increased environmental awareness it can be agreed that scrubbers are here to stay. Federal and state laws have made fume scrubbing a mandatory part of almost all processes which emit to the atmosphere. more>>>
FRP Exhaust Blowers

Blowers are used for low pressures, generally, less than 3.447 KPa. Rangoli Fibre Reinforced Pvt. Ltd. [GRACE™] are manufacturing centrifugal type blower. more>>>
FRP Ducts Hoods, FRP Stacks & Dampers

The ducts produced made by us are ideal for conveying gases, corrosive fumes generated during processes in the chemical industries. These gases are particularly aggressive in their wet range, flowing at very high velocity coupled with high temperature and corrosive in nature. more>>>
FRP Anti Corrosive Coatings

GRACE™ [Mfg by:- RANGOLI] is a fully equipped and established company undertaking the jobs for manufacturing of various Fiber Reinforced Plastics equipment using modern manufacturing process under the control of qualified engineers and technicians. more>>>
FRP Custom Molding and Fabrication

Nothing is impossible for us in the plastic engineering world.  more>>>

Site Services

GRACE ™ [RANGOLI] maintain a mobile site service team. more>>>

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Reaction Vessels [Reactors]
Stirrer / Agitators
Pressure / vacuum vessels
Vacuum filter nutsches
Pickling Tanks
Pipes and Fittings
Exhaust Blowers
Ducts Hoods, Stacks & Dampers
Anti Corrosive Coatings
Custom Molding and Fabrication
Site Services