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In these days of increased environmental awareness it can be agreed that scrubbers are here to stay. Federal and state laws have made fume scrubbing a mandatory part of almost all processes which emit to the atmosphere. The scrubbing process and equipment must be designed to accomplish the environmental objective in a cost effective manner.

GRACE™ [RANGOLI] designing, manufacturing, Fabrication, Testing, Installation, and Commissioning. scrubbing systems for gases like Cl2, SO2, NOX , HCl, H2SO4 , Br2, HF, CuSO4 and acid mists, which either evolve individually or as a mixture in various chemicals, pharmaceuticals, dyes, intermediates, fertilisers and steel processing plants etc.

Packed Bed Type Scrubber
This type of scrubbers removes soluble noxious or nuisance gases like hydrochloric acid, sulpher dioxide, ammonia and acid mists above 5 microns. Typical application include-chemical plants, sewage treatment facilities, metal finishing operations and pulp or paper mills. Contaminants are removed on contact with counter current scrubbing liquid within the packed bed. The gas/liquid stream passes vertically through mesh beds or bend mist eliminator blades that remove entrained liquid before exiting. Standard packing depths, low-pressure drops and scrubbing liquid recirculation are the basis of a proven design.

Venturi Type Scrubber

Venturi scrubbing is a most effective technique for the removal of particulates from a gas stream, even down to sub-micron size. Scrubbing liquor and gas stream are brought together in turbulent contact within the venturi throat and the particulates are forced into the atomised liquor. Venturi scrubbing may be adequate to handle some more reactive contaminants but to reduce fumes to acceptable levels it may be necessary to effect further treatment using a packed tower scrubber. Combination units incorporating both types of scrubber using a common sump are most practical in some circumstances. Venturi scrubbing is typically a cost effective and efficient approach to removing particulates.

Sieve Tray Type Scrubber
This type of scrubber removes soluble noxious gases and particulate down to 3 microns. Typical application include-chemical plants, sewage treatment facilities, metal finishing operations and pulp or paper mills, electroplating, pickling, pharmaceuticals and semi-conductor manufacturing. These scrubbers achieve high removal efficiencies while minimizing recycling and fresh water requirements. Static pressure losses are 40mm to 50mm WG per tray. Mist eliminator blades provide entrained liquid separation. An integral sump is provided for solution recirculation.

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